About Us

Backburn was conceptualized in 2010 because the founder had difficulties finding boardshorts that fit his small size, and he also found that most brands were to expense. Frustrated with the limited options, he decided to create a brand promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

The brand Backburn drew inspiration from one of the founder’s favorite songs, “All these things I’ve Done” by The Killers. Initially, he thought the lyrics were “Backburn,” but in fact, they were actually “oh don’t you put me on the back burner.” Despite the misinterpretation, this particular line resonated with the founder, sparking the idea for the brand’s name.

In 2011, the founder with a couple of friends joined the “I am a Change Maker Challenge,” wining the seed capital amounting to P100,000 to start the brand. Since 2013, Backburn has offered comfortable, stylish, and reasonably priced boardshorts for everyone.