Be an Investor

Join us in expanding our brand by investing in our Inventory Financing Program. Our goal is to further boost sales by increasing our inventory of tops, shirts, caps and other headwear. We already have a line-up of designs and we are very excited to launch them within the year.

 How does it work?

 With the minimum of twnety-five thousand pesos (Php25,000) investment, you will receive a guaranteed ten percent (10%) earnings after 6 months. We will transfer the principal and your earnings directly to your bank account or send PDC to your given address (applies for Metro Manila area only) 

Once you have fulfilled the forms and sent your investment to our bank or Gcash account, you will be receiving the signed electronic Inventory Financing Agreement.  

 For further inquiries you may contact Ivan Quiwa +63 916 771 5412. 

You may click this to check and fulfill the form.